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Gray Usher
Series Character: Superintendent Michael Drexel

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the crime and mystery fiction titles

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Double Snatch Scion 1951
For Pete's Sake Scion 1951
Intrigue Scion 1951
Triggerman! Scion 1951
A Dame to Discover Scion 1952
Don't Crowd Me Scion 1952
I Was a Spy in Britain Stanley Baker 1952
Sleep if You Dare Milestone 1953
Flames Burn High Stanley Baker 1954
Death in the Straw John Long 1955
Death Sped the Plough John Long 1956
Death Takes a Teacher John Long 1957
Death in the Bag John Long 1958
Death Goes Caving John Long 1959

Gray Usher Biography
Gray Usher was born in 1903 and remains something of a mystery. First edition books are rare, with or without dust jacket, print runs for the books listed above clearly small.


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