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Berkeley Gray

Death on the Hit Parade

Published by Collins in 1958
Dust Jacket by William Randell

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Berkeley Gray - Death on the Hit Parade

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Synopsis of Death on the Hit Parade by Berkeley Gray
NORMAN CONQUEST is highly amused when a visiting American, the uncle and manager of the fabulous Tenn Dacey, attempts to hire him as a bodyguard for the Tennessee boy who has topped the Hit Parade with his sensational rock 'n' roll singing. But Conquest is no longer amused when he makes an unexpected and startling discovery concerning young Dacey. When, on top of this, he finds himself opposed to Reed Lonson, gunman, an old and bitter enemy, he knows that he is booked for a hell-brew after his own heart.

There is an extraordinary secret connected with Tenn Dacey—which Conquest discovers by accident, but which is known to others, less scrupulous where secrets are concerned. These vultures are out to make capital from their knowledge, and Norman rightly considers that tossing a spanner into the works is the correct order of the day.

This topical, thrill-packed novel moves so swiftly that the action covers no more than forty-eight hours, and the reader is carried on breathlessly to the dramatic climax. A vintage Berkeley Gray.

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