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Richard Grant

The Silky Ones Sting

Stanley Paul 1947
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Richard Grant

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Author of "Men in Knots," "The Devil's Steps," etc. Mysterious deaths of repatriated prisoners of war engaged the attention of the police and of Colin Meath, their unofficial assistant. The intrusion of two unusually charming, and probably unscrupulous women, made Colin's investigations hazardous and uncertain, since, as Charlie Drew, his redoubtable servant, maintained: "He couldn't handle the silky kind." The mystery seemed to centre round a fashionable night club, where Colin experienced some hair-raising adventures among men and women more depraved than the decadent patricians of Imperial Rome. But exposure of the plot and the revelation of the culprits' identity was as unexpected as it was exciting; and the cynical Inspector Grelse retained the opinion that in the end neither Colin nor Charlie escaped being stung.

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