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Graham Seton Bibliography

UK First Edition Books in Order

Graham Seton Series Character: Colonel Duncan Grant

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The W Plan Thornton Butterworth 1929
Footslogger An Autobiography / Hutchinson 1931
Colonel Grant's To-Morrow Thornton Butterworth 1931
Eye for an Eye Hutchinson 1932
Life without End Thornton Butterworth 1932
Warrior Hutchinson 1932
Arya: the call of the future A stream of fresh light on the great problem of India Hutchinson 1933 A stream of fresh light on the great problem of India
Meteor Hutchinson 1933
The viper of Luxor Hutchinson 1933
Your Verdict ? Hutchinson 1934
Blood Money Hutchinson 1934
Challenge Hutchinson 1934
Pilgrimage Hutchinson 1935
Minos Magnificent ! Hutchinson 1935
Pelican Row Hutchinson 1935
Truth Hutchinson 1936 National Workers' Party of Great Britain
Scar 77 Rich & Cowan 1936
Personal statement by G.S. Hutchinson Hutchinson 1936 National Workers' Party of Great Britain
The K Code Plan Rich & Cowan 1938
Machine guns, their history & tactical employment Macmillan 1938
According to Plan Rich & Cowan 1938
Tiger's Cub Rich & Cowan 1940
The V Plan Eyre & Spottiswoode 1941
Challenge to Youth J.M. Dent & Sons 1942
Kitchener the Man Hutchinson 1943 Foreword by Lord Birdwood
Gordon and the Gordon Boys Hutchinson 1944
Cecil Rhodes, the Man Oxford University Press 1944
The Sculptor, Sir William Reynolds-Stephens Nottingham 1944 Nottingham Castle Museum.
The British Army Hutchinson 1945
The Highland Division can save Scotland Milne, Tannahill & Methven 1946 Scottish National Party pamphlets
The Red Colonel Hutchinson 1947

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Graham Seton Author Biography - Information About the Author
Graham Seton is a pseudonym of Lieutenant-Colonel Graham Seton Hutchison, there is plenty online about this author's life.
Graham Seton is listed in Hubin's crime fiction guide and we've included all those titles. We've also included all the non-fiction, military based books, autobiographies and biographies listed in the British Library and the Bodleian fo rthe sake of completion.
This should be a complete list of Graham Seton's books and even pamphlets.

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