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Caroline Graham

Murder at Madingley Grange

Century-Mysterious Press 1990
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Caroline Graham

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Oddly enough in one respect Simon proved to be correct. Once Laurie had really thrown herself into the business of organizing the weekend her misgivings, temporarily at least, slipped away. She Hoovered and dusted and ran up and down stairs with piles of lavender-scented sheets and pillowcases making sure that each guest had fresh flowers, fluffy towels, scented soap and plenty of reading material. Plus, on their bedside tables, a handwritten menu card. She had prepared for their delectation pigeon terrine, boeuf en croute, lemon and toffee puddings and, in case anyone was a vegetarian, some ratatouille and a Stilton and broccoli quiche. All this was in the freezer together with a hundred rolls and fifty assorted croissants and brioche. There were still pheasants to prepare and a whole salmon was in the fridge awaiting Saturday lunch. For the first time Laurie felt grateful to her aunt who, quaintly believing gardening to be no job for a lady, had refused to pay her niece's fees for the coming year at Pershore College until she had completed two full terms at the Tante Marie School of Cookery.

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