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Caroline Graham

The Killings at Badger's Drift

Century 1987
Jacket design Graham Potts

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Caroline Graham

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There was no joy from the Samaritans. Barnaby had not expected that there would be. Clam tight as usual. Which was why after a second, later telephone call he presented himself at their tiny terraced house behind Woolworth's at seven p.m. looking worried. An elderly man sat behind a desk with two telephones. The receiver of one was clapped to his ear. He covered the mouthpiece and whispered, 'Please sit down' to Barnaby, then continued listening, nodding gravely from time to time. Eventually he replaced the receiver and said, 'You're the person who rang hoping to see Terry?' Barnaby, who had thought the elderly man might have been Terry, nodded. 'That's right. We talked on Friday.' 'And you are . . . ?' He was turning back the pages of a log book. 'I'd rather not give my name/ said Barnaby truthfully. The phone rang again, and almost simultaneously a middle-aged woman and a young girl came out of a room nearby. The couple shook hands. Barnaby turned to the woman who murmured 'Good evening' and left. The girl waited expectantly. The man at the desk smiled and made a sign bringing her and Barnaby together.

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