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Sue Grafton

A is for Alibi

Macmillan 1986
Jacket design Marcus Wilson-Smith

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Sue Grafton

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I WENT INTO THE OFFICE EARLY TO TYPE UP MY INITIAL NOTES FOR Nikki's file, indicating briefly what I'd been hired to do and the fact that a check for five thousand dollars had been paid on account. Then I called Charlie Scorsoni's office. His secretary said he had some time free midaftemoon, so I set up an appointment for 3:15 and then used the rest of the morning to do a background check. When interviewing someone for the first time, it's always nice to have a little information up your sleeve. A visit to the county clerk's office, the credit bureau, and the newspaper morgue gave me sufficient facts to dash off a quick sketch of Laurence Fife's former law partner.

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