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Other Pseudonyms
John Creasey
Margaret Cooke
ME Cooke
Henry St John Cooper
Norman Deane
Robert Caine Frazer
Patrick Gill
Michael Halliday
Kyle Hunt
Peter Manton
JJ Marric
Anthony Morton
William K Reilly
Tex Riley
Jeremy York
Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
The Speaker Ditto 1939 Jan 39. DW 7/6
Death on Demand Long 1939 Sept 39. DW 7/6
Terror by Day Ditto 1940 Feb 40. DW 8/3
Who Was the Jester? Ditto 1940 Not in the ECB
Secret Murder Ditto 1940 Nov 40. DW 8/6
'Ware Danger Long 1941 June 41. DW 8/6
Murder Most Foul Ditto 1942 Apr 42. DW 8/6
There Goes Death Ditto 1942 Not in the ECB
Death in High Places Ditto 1942 Oct 42. DW 8/6
Death in Flames Ditto 1943 Mar 43. DW 8/6
Two Men Missing Ditto 1943 Sept 43. DW 8/6
Rogues Rampant Long 1944 Mar 44. DW 8/6
Death on the Move Ditto 1945 Feb 45. DW 8/6
Invitation to Adventure Ditto 1945 Oct 45. DW 9/-
Here Is Danger! Ditto 1946  
Give Me Murder Ditto 1947  
Murder Too Late Ditto 1947  
Dark Mystery Ditto 1948  
Engagement with Death Ditto 1948  
A Puzzle in Pearls Long 1949  
Kill or Be Killed Evans 1949  
Murder with Mushrooms Long 1950  
Death in Diamonds Ditto 1951  
Missing or Dead? Ditto 1951  
Death in a Hurry Ditto 1952  
The Long Search Long 1953 Red cloth, black titles. Jacket 9/6
Sleepy Death Ditto 1953  
Double for Death Ditto 1954  
Death in the Trees Ditto 1954  
The Kidnapped Child Long 1955  
The Man Who Stayed Alive Ditto 1955  
No Need to Die Ditto 1956  
Day of Fear Ditto 1956  
Wait for Death Long 1957  
Come Home to Death Ditto 1958  
Elope to Death Ditto 1959  
The Crime Haters Ditto 1961 US precedes 1961
The Dark Circle Evans 1960  
Don't Let Him Kill Long 1960  
Rogues' Ransom Ditto 1961  
Death from Below Ditto 1963  
The Big Call Ditto 1964  
A Promise of Diamonds Ditto 1965 Red cloth, yellow titles, jacket 15s
A Taste of Treasure Ditto 1966  
A Clutch of Coppers Long 1967  
A Shadow of Death Ditto 1968  
A Scream of Murder Ditto 1969  
A Nest of Trailers Long 1970  
A Rabble of Rebels Ditto 1971  
A Life for a Death Ditto 1973  
A Herald of Doom Ditto 1974  
A Blast of Trumpets Ditto 1975  
A Plague of Demons Long 1976  

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Gordon Ashe aka John Creasey.

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