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Anthony Gilbert

Uncertain Death

Collins Crime Club 1961

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ON THE day that Emily Tate vanished, Inspector Marston met her husband on the tow-path of the River Pyle, not far from the weir. The unassuming, quiet. Stephen Tate was on the brink of a nightmare episode which was to make his unhappy marriage, his clandestine and hopeless love affair, and his disappointed hopes, seem positively joyous in comparison. The determination Of the girl he loved was the only thing which could save him from the web of circumstances in which he was enmeshed. She sent for Arthur Crook. Anthony Gilbert's legion of admirers will relish again the bounding confidence and thrusting methods of the red-haired solicitor who, in his own unique way, is once more able to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat in a book which is ingenious, realistic and supremely entertaining.

Anthony Gilbert


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