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Anthony Gilbert

She Shall Die

Collins Crime Club 1961

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WHEN Arthur Crook's latest client arrived to consult him, unannounced, at eight in the evening, the redheaded rogue among lawyers already had the published facts of the case at his finger-tips. No interesting murder case comes to light without Crook keeping an eye on it, and the case against Hatty Savage—young, attractive and with a chip on her shoulder—was making headlines. Some thought she had been lucky to escape a similar charge not long before and feeling was running high in the neighbourhood. Crook attacks the case like a terrier a rat and in his own inimitable and explosive way proves his client's innocence by revealing a cunning killer. She Shall Die also shows once again that Anthony Gilbert has an incomparable mastery of the detective story which is both highly ingenious and continuously entertaining.

Anthony Gilbert


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