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Anthony Gilbert

Death Knocks Three Times

Collins Crime Club 1949
Jacket artwork by Stead

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Fashions may change in rather a startling way, but Crime Club readers eagerly look forward each season to the New Crook, and here comes Anthony Gilbert again with a diabolically ingenious crime story featuring our favourite criminal lawyer. Arthur Crook gets caught in a violent storm on the moors while visiting a police-spy client. He demands shelter at an isolated house and is grudgingly given it for the night by an eccentric old man who lives there alone with one servant. On Crook's return to town he reads that his reluctant host has been found dead in his bath. Accident, murder, or suicide ? Crook is so intrigued that when he hears of the death of two other members of the same family he starts investigations ( on his own account—even although there is nothing in it for him ; which is strictly against his principles, but is in itself eloquent testimony to the originality of Anthony Gilbert's plot.

Anthony Gilbert


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