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Gil North

Sergeant Cluff Goes Fishing

Published by Chapan and Hall 1962
Jacket photograph by Frank Hermann

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Sergeant Cluff goes Fishing GIL NORTH What's odd about two cousins having tea together in Gunnarshaw ? Nothing, you might say, but when such a meeting appears to concern, at any rate to

Detective-Sergeant Caleb Cluff's enquiring eye, the Amblers' estate at Egilsby, duff begins to wonder; and when Colonel Ambler himself meets an unfortunate death at the riverside, the sergeant, to the great irritation of Inspector Mole, promptly goes off on a fishing holiday—to observe. Immediately things begin to happen: the Rector, frustrated by passion, is found dead in his bath; the adolescent Sims, known to be penniless, manages to buy himself a motor-bicycle and then, appar-ently, to kill himself on it within twenty-four hours. Caleb Cluff, unorthodox as ever, has his own views about such affairs, and if, in seeing that justice be done, he gets more than he bargained for, including a cold, he has only himself to blame.

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