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Gerald Kersh Bibliography

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The following bibliography contains the criminous titles
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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
Jews Without Jehovah Wishart 1934 DW 7/6
Men Are So Ardent Wishart 1935 Pub Jan 36. DW 7/6. US: 1936 Morrow
Night and the City Joseph 1938 DJ 8/6. US: 1946 Schuster
They Die with Their Boots Clean Heinemann 1941 DW 8/6
The Nine Lives of Bill Nelson Heinemann 1942 Not in English Catalogue of Books
The Dead Look On Heinemann 1943 Feb 43. DW 7/6. US: 1943 Reynal
Selected Stories Staples 1943 Not in the ECB
Brain and Ten Fingers Heinemann 1943 Jul 43. DW 6/-
Faces in a Dusty Picture Ditto 1944 Mar 44. DW 6/-. US: 1945 McGraw Hill
The Battle of the Singing Men Everybody 1944 Not in the ECB
The Horrible Dummy Heinemann 1944 Oct 44. DW 8/6
An Ape A Dog and a Serpent Ditto 1945 May 45. DW 7/6
The Weak and the Strong Ditto 1945 Not in ECB. US: 1946 Schuster
Neither Man Nor Dog Heinemann March 1946 Jacket priced 8/6
Clean Bright and Slightly Oiled Ditto Sept 1946 Jacket priced 7/6
Sad Road to the Sea Ditto July 1947 Jacket priced 8/6
Prelude to a Certain Midnight Ditto Sept 1947 Jacket priced 8/6
US: 1947 Doubleday
The Song of the Flea Doubleday 1948 Jacket priced 12/6
UK: 1948 Heinemann
Clock Without Hands Heinemann 1949 Jacket priced 9/6
The Thousand Deaths of Mr Small Doubleday 1950 UK: 1951 Heinemann
The Brazen Bull Heinemann 1952  
The Brighton Monster Ditto 1953  
The Great Wash Heinemann 1953 US: 1953 as Secret Masters
Guttersnipe Ditto 1954  
Men Without Bones Ditto 1955  
Fowlers End Schuster 1957 UK: 1958 Heinemann
On an Odd Note Ballantine 1958  
The Ugly Face of Love Heinemann 1960  
The Implacable Hunter Heinemann 1961  
The Terribly Wild Flowers Ditto 1962  
More Than Once Upon a Time Ditto 1964  
A Long Cool Day in Hell Heinemann 1965  
The Hospitality of Miss Tolliver Ditto 1965  
The angel and the Cuckoo NAL 1966 UK: 1967 Heinemann
Brock Heinemann 1969  

Further Information
Gerald Kersh, born 1911 and died 1968 was born and educated in England. He fought during the war in the Coldstream Guards. In 1959 he became a naturalized American. Many of his books were only published in the United Kingdom, those that saw dual release have been duly noted. There are also several uncollected short stories, the majority of which appeared in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine. An original and innovative author who is deserving of wider recognition today.


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