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George Douglas Series Characters:
Inspector Hallan & Sergeant Spratt - Sgt/Insp Brian "Bonny" Lee

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

George Douglas Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Unwanted Witness Robert Hale 1966
Odd Woman Out 1966
Death Unheralded 1967 Dust jacket by Eileen Walton
Death Went Hunting Robert Hale 1967 Chief Inspector Hallam and Sergeant 'Jack' Spratt
Death in Duplicate 1968
Gunman at Large 1968
Dead Reckoning 1969
The Devil to Pay Robert Hale 1969
Murder Unmourned 1970
Time to Die 1971
Crime Most Foul 1971
One to Jump Robert Hale 1972
Death on the Doorstep 1973
Death in Darkness 1973
Dead on the Dot 1974
Crime Without Reason Robert Hale 1975
Final Score 1975
Death in Retreat 1975
Luckless Lady 1976
Dead on Delivery Robert Hale 1976
End of the Line 1977
Unholy Terror 1978
Double Cross 1979
Death of a Big Shot Robert Hale 1980

Dust Jacket Artist: Eileen Walton

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George Douglas Author Biography - Information About the Author
George Douglas is a pseudonym of Douglas George Fisher who was born in 1902 and died in 1981, he also wrote as George Fisher.
There were no American books published and all the books above were published by Robert Hale in London.
This is a HUbin listed author and we've included all the books published by this author that are held in the British Library and the Oxford Library.
Book collectors will face the usual issue with this publisher, rarity and ex-public library copies.
There are some decent bits of dust jacket artwork amongst the auhtor's list of books, Death Went Hunting for example and the Eileen Walton jacket seen above, most are what you'd expect of the period and this publisher though.
We would welcome more information about the life of George Douglas so if you can help do drop us a line.

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