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This George Bagby bibliography checklist is only for the mystery fiction books.
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Country and Fatal Doubleday 1930 UK: Robert Hale 1981
Murder at the Piano Covici 1935 UK: Sampson Low 1936
Ring Around a Murder Covici 1936  
Murder Half Baked Covici 1937 UK: Cassell 1938
Murder on the Nose Doubleday 1938 UK: Cassell 1939
Bird Walking Weather Rest Same 1939 UK: Cassell 1940
The Corpse with the Purple Thighs   1939  
The Corpse Wore a Wig   1940  
Here Comes the Corpse   1941 UK: John Long 1943
Red Is for Killing   1941 UK: John Long 1944
Murder Calling 50 Doubleday 1942  
Dead on Arrival Rest Same 1946  
The Original Carcase   1946 UK: Aldor 1947
The Twin Killing   1947  
In Cold Blood   1948  
The Starting Gun   1948  
Coffin Corner Doubleday 1949  
Drop Dead Rest Same 1949  
Blood Will Tell   1950  
Death Ain't Commercial   1951  
Scared to Death   1952  
The Corpse with the Sticky Fingers   1952  
Dead Drunk   1953 UK: Macdonald 1954
Give the Little Corpse a Great Big
Doubleday 1953 UK: Macdonald 1954
The Body in the Basket Rest Same 1954 UK: Macdonald 1956
A Dirty Way to Die   1955 UK: Macdonald 1955
Dead Storage   1956 UK: Boardman 1959. Jacket by McLoughlin
Cop Killer   1956 UK: Boardman 1957
Dead Wrong   1957 UK: Boardman 1958. Jacket by McLoughlin
The Three-Time Losers   1958 UK: Boardman 1958
The Real Gone Goose   1959 UK: A Real Gone Goose. Boardman 59
Evil Genius   1961 UK: Hammond 1964
Murder's Little Helper   1963 UK: Hammond 1964
Mysteriouser and Mysteriouser   1965 UK: Murder in Wonderland. 1965
Dirty Pool   1966 UK: Bait for a Killer Hammond '67
Corpse Candle   1967 UK: Robert Hale 1968
Another Day Another Death Doubleday 1968 UK: Robert Hale 1968
Honest Reliable Corpse Rest Same 1969 UK: Robert Hale 1969
Killer Boy Was Here   1970 UK: Robert Hale 1971
Guaranteed to Fade   1973 UK: Robert Hale 1979
Dust jacket by Colin Andrews
My Dead Body   1976 UK: Robert Hale 1978
Two in the Bush   1976 UK: Robert Hale 1976
Innocent Bystander   1977 UK: Robert Hale 1978
The Tough Get Going   1977 UK: Robert Hale 1978
Better Dead   1978 UK: Robert Hale 1979
I Could Have Died   1979 UK: Robert Hale 1980
Mugger's Day Doubleday 1979 UK: Robert Hale 1980
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Further Information
George Bagby was born 1906 and was a pseudonym of Aaron Marc Stein who also wrote under the name Hampton Stone. The series character was Inspector Schmidt. American editions have precedence in all cases, English editions are noted when applicable as are the alternative titles. There are a few other titles but they are renamed books often issued by The Detective Book Club, as these are not first editions they are included in this bibliography.

At this time we cannot guarantee precedence between books published in the same year. All dates are correct however.

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