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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Balance of Fear Robert Hale 1968 ISBN: 0709103468
The Power Bug Robert Hale 1968 A breakthrough oil invention sets Russia v China
Balance of Fear Robert Hale 1968 The Cold War and the Director of MI5
Traitor's Gait Robert Hale 1969 Can Britain get around the KGB and the GRU
Checkmate for China Robert Hale 1969 British and Russian scientists start disappearing
Death's No Antidote Robert Hale 1971 ISBN: 0709122756
A Time for Vengeance Robert Hale 1974 Former SS men in hiding are in trouble

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Geoffrey Osborne Author Biography - Information About the Author
Geoffrey Osborne was born in 1930, he's a Hubin listed author whose series characters are James Dingle and Glyn Jones.
An obscure author in the espionage / spy genre and in our experience his books are really difficult to find, they seldom turn up, even online.
Book collectors should also be aware that if they do turn up they are almost always ex-public library.
There are no contemporaneous reprints or paperbacks.
If you've any information on this author's life please do email us.

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