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Gene Ross Series Character: Shaun O'Malley

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Gene Ross Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Two Smart Dames Archer Press 1949 Cover artwork by John Pollack
Lady, Throw Me a Curve Archer Press 1950 Cover artist Pollack
This Way for Hell Archer Press 1950 Cover design Reginald Heade
You're Dead My Lovely Archer Press 1950 Artwork by Heade
Sorry for You Beautiful Leisure Library 1952 US edition. Heade artwork. British book ?
Step Up Sucker by Gene Ross Harborough 1953 Cover artist Heade
Corpse in the Boudoir Harborough 1953 Cover artwork by Heade
Curves Cause Trouble Leisure Library 1953 US edition, Heade cover. No information on the UK

Cover Artist: Reginald Heade

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Gene Ross Author Biography - Information About the Author
Gene Ross is a pseudonym used by William Simpson Newton.
The American editions on Leisure Library are something of a puzzle. We have a copy here of Curves Cause Trouble for example, bought in the UK and I've only ever seen copies of this book in the American edition. The British Library and Bodleian at Oxford et al don't hold British editions either.
All of these books are collectable, not just the fact they're by Gene Ross but also for the artwork, especially Heade who is collected in his own right (guilty of that here I'm afraid)
If you know of any books not listed in this Gene Ross bibliography then please do drop us a line

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