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Gavin Douglas Series Character: Captain Samson

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Gavin Douglas Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Rough Passage Collins 1936 US: Putnam 1936 as The Tall Man
The Obstinate Captain Samson Collins 1936 US: Putnam 1937
Captain Samson A.B. Collins 1937 US: Putnam 1937
The Search for the Blue Sedan Collins 1938
A Tale of Pimlico Robert Hale 1948
The Scuffler Robert Hale 1949
Seamanship For Passengers John Lehmann 1949
The Struggle Robert Hale 1951 The Biography of a Coasting Steamer
Yachting on the Colne University of Essex 1976 Thesis held by British Library, presumably same author
The Last Night on Masada Robert Hale 1979

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Gavin Douglas Author Biography - Information About the Author
Gavin Douglas is an author who leans towards all things nautical, he is listed in HUbin though.
Mysteries set on the High Seas though some titles listed by Hubin must be borderline crime fiction.
We've also included non-fiction titles for the sake of completion so the list of books above should be complete, it contains all the books held by the British Library and Oxford.
American publications are noted when applicable.

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