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Arthur Gask

The House on the Fens

Herbert Jenkins 1940
Jacket Artist: "B"

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But for the timely intervention of Inspector Stone, Gilbert Larose, who has brought an end to many a dangerous criminal, might himself have been arrested for murder. As it was, the weight of evidence was overwhelmingly against him, and he was compelled to bring into play all his wit and resource in an effort to establish his own innocence. His researches led him to a dark, lonely, jealously-guarded house deeply hidden in the Norfolk fens where he stumbled upon the triple mystery of a rich recluse, a criminal imperson-ation and a girl in dire distress. Regardless of danger and his own interests he decided to probe the affair to its depths. Another gripping story of the quality of The Vengeance of Larose, about which H. G. Wells said : "By far the best piece of story-telling Gask has done. It kept me up to half-past one last night.

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