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Jonathan Gash

The Vatican Rip

Collins Crime Club 1988
UK First Edition Book

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Lovejoy, antique dealer extraordinary, wasn't anxious to do this job, but Gignor Arcellano had ways of making him cooperate-even to a crash course in Italian, where he met the delectable Maria. And in Rome there was another delectable damsel. Not to mention the delectable proprietress of the Albanss0 Antiques Emporium, an anything but delectable murder, hundreds of delectable antiques, most of them genuine, and one in particular. In the very heart of the Vatican. The one he was required to rip. Lovejoy not only knows how to spot antiques- he knows how to make them, and he doesn't mind spread ing his knowledge a round. But when the Eternal City threatens to become his eternal resting-place, he manifests other abilities. As the Colosseum witnesses its strangest gladiatorial combat, Lovejoy's skills and thrills are generously shared with the reader in his own inimitable style.

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