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Jonathan Gash

The Tartan Ringers

Collins Crime Club 1986
UK First Edition Book

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Jonathan Gash

This story starts with criminal passion in a shed and descends into sordid corruption. But remember one thing: love and antiques are the same. Hatred and evil are their opposite. I'm an antique dealer, and I should know. It was the criminal passion in a shed that saved Lovejoy: he could hardly be responsible for the murder which happened outside it that foggy night. Even so, it seemed wise to leave East Anglia hastily when another dealer drowned and a third vanished. Hitching north on a travelling fair, searching for the source of some . missing antiques, Lovejoy soon finds himself in Scotland, masquerading as a distant cousin of the dwindling Clan McGunn. Lovejoy manages to confirm that the missing antiques originated from the chiefs echoing ly empty castle at Tachnadray and takes up residence as the clan's forger. But not for nothing does he know every trick of the trade -the antiques trade, of course - and soon he is in over his head in one of the biggest scams of his career. How'East Anglia's worst-dressed antique dealer and poorest playboy' (Scotsman) makes the running yet again with the goods and the girls, not to mention ending up on the fringe of the Fringe of the Edinburgh Festival, will delight Lovejoy readers everywhere.

Classic Crime Fiction

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