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Jonathan Gash

The Sin Within Her Smile

Century 1993
UK First Edition Book

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Jonathan Gash

The antiques world's most roguish dealer is back on form in this - his most perilous scam to date. Lovejoy himself is auctioned in the village hall, among marmalades and lawnmowers - 'Slave For A Day'- a girlfriend's scheme to raise money for a mental health charity. To Lovejoy's alarm the bidding soars, as two rich women vie for his services. What possible use can he be to them he speculates, as he's bought for an outrageous sum. He should have been able to guess. Soon he's part of a scam involving Early Romano-Celtic gold finds in Suffolk. What seemed a joke to begin with becomes deadly earnest as an over-inquisitive friend is murdered. Cutting and running seems Lovejoy's best bet and when he's promised a priceless Early Christian lanx in payment for a trip to Wales, he jumps at the opportunity. Then as he sets out on his expedition, he suddenly realises what he is up against: his fellow travellers are the same mental patients he was auctioned on behalf of, and the locals' reception to Lovejoy's caravan is at best cool, and at worse, aggressive. For Lovejoy, it turns out to be a trip of discovery: he grows to care for his patients, whilst amassing a treasure trove of antiques. All would have been well had it not been for some over-attentive womenfolk, and the corpses which start showing up in ever-increasing numbers the nearer they get to the lonely Welsh valley which is their destination. Jonathan Gash triumphs again with The Sin Within Her Smile, providing as always a pacey, thrilling and hilarious combination which will entertain the loyal fans of Lovejoy's hugely successful television series.

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