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Jonathan Gash

The Possessions of a Lady

Century 1996
UK First Edition Book

We interested in buying early Lovejoy UK firsts in fine condition
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Jonathan Gash

Ejected fromThekla Paumann's fashion show, peerless antiques divvy Lovejoy knows he's in trouble. Thekla has been paying all his bills, and he is broke. Invited to dinner at the town's poshest eatery by the enticing but insane Faye, she promptly lands him in it with the local constabulary. Worse - Lovejoy has acquired a double, a rival divvy who beats him to the punch on every priceless antique, and his fake Norwich School Painting won't even sell in Norwich. Tinker's cousin's girl is missing and Lovejoy has to find her and expose a donty - insider trading at an auction (expression coined by one Lovejoy, 1992). No one is innocent in antiques is his only conclusion. He flees North to get the antique that will stave off his creditors. Then his second dictum Never go back comes into play as, following a path of murder and attempted murder (on himself), he is once more in the childhood streets of his memory. Briet fame follows as he conducts an auction, finds the girl and cracks the case. Throw in the infamous Berkley horse flagellation frame, enough fake prehistoric bones to construct a respectable Neanderthal family and you have an irresistible romp through the magical, mad world of antiques with the most roguish dealer of them all. With a mixture of fast-paced action, colourful characters and an unrivalled knowledge of the antiques trade, Jonathan Gash will again delight his millions of fans.

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