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Jonathan Gash


Collins Crime Club 1985
UK First Edition Book

We interested in buying early Lovejoy UK firsts in fine condition
We are paying the VERY HIGHEST prices for choice items
If you have anything you may consider selling
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Jonathan Gash

People are stupid: women with money, men with motorbikes, and everybody with pearls. To prove I'm in it too, this story starts in a seance. Lovejoy, East Anglia's scruffiest antique dealer and divvie, was unconvinced by the spirit message he received, but accepted the resulting offer of a job and setoutto help Donna Vernon find her missing dealer husband. Said spouse had gone on an antiques sweep, yet after losing a luscious piece by a whisker, he didn't even bother to inspect the rest of the stuff on sale. By thetime Lovejoy caught up with himonthe Essex marshes where the locals still fish for pearls, it was too late. Freed from arrest by the efforts of his apprentice, Lydia, who wears morality like an erotic gymslip, Lovejoy takes on the killers and proceeds to fake an item of antique pearl jewellery. Then, harried by crooked police, watched by the Antiques Squad, hated by an insane killer, and increasingly haunted by the medium's prophecy of what lies in store for him'between the salt water and the sea sand', he awaits the day when he is to be bait at the priciest auction inthedistrict.

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