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Jonathan Gash


Collins Crime Club 1986
UK First Edition Book

We interested in buying early Lovejoy UK firsts in fine condition
We are paying the VERY HIGHEST prices for choice items
If you have anything you may consider selling
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Jonathan Gash

When scruffy antiques dealer Lovejoy achieves instant notoriety by accidentally turning everybody's favourite TV programme on antiques into a shambles, it isn't Lovejoy's fault. Wasn't it the gangster Bill Sykes and his terrible sons who made him do it? And he certainly wasn't to blame for faking that exquisite Roman bronze leopard. The idea was for Lovejoy to earn the favour of avid antiques collector Sir John Carnforth. It seemed easy, until Lovejoy's friend George was gored to death near the ancient sinister forest. After that, complications set in: Lovejoy's promise to be best man at Big Frank's eighth wedding was one; and the rich and delectable Mrs Ryan's lust to employ Lovejoy as her estate manager was another. Then there was the coven of witches who gathered where risks ran highest; and the dozen writs served on Lovejoy; and the moonspenders, those illicit night seekers after buried archaeological treasures. But it was the death of an unassuming amateur archaeologist which really terrified Lovejoy. He might be next... Desperately attempting to find a way out, Lovejoy discovers that his allies are enough to hinder anyone. The picturesque wedding should have been a triumph for him, but beyond the windows of the glittering reception stands the silent wood where he has a midnight appointment with a killer. And in the earth of New Black Field lies his leopard of Roman bronze. And by now it is Hallowe'en...

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