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Jonathan Gash

The Lies of Fair Ladies

Century 1992
UK First Edition Book

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Jonathan Gash

In this, his latest Lovejoy novel about the scruffiest of antique dealers, Jonathan Gash has written another witty and fast-moving novel in which Lovejoy's talent for detection unravels murders and mysteries which occur in profusion round him. Lovejoy has a new apprentice - the lovely, scatty and Seriously Rich Mrs Luna Carstairs. Lovejoy is a willing teacher, guiding her through the minefield of auctions, the dating and faking of antiques, 'grand seams' of the trade - and other, more intimate, subjects. However, not everything is rosy on Lovejoy's home patch. A grisly murder occurs - and then another... and the flow of antiques is mysteriously drying up. Behind it all lurks the threatening shadow of Miss R - a 'dollop broker' or harbourer of stolen booty - an evil genius who deals only with women. Lovejoy's investigation takes him through the eerie waterways of East Anglia, in and out of rural pubs and further afield, hotly pursued by an abandoned mistress and an assortment of police officers. Often penniless, yet always independent and ever faithful to his own 'elastic' code of morals, Lovejoy finally carries the day - but only when he realises his error: for too long he has been listening to the lies of fair ladies...

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