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Jonathan Gash

The Very Last Gambado

Collins Crime Club 1989
UK First Edition Book

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Jonathan Gash

Lovejoy arrives at his doctor's surgery to establish an alibi, after carrying out a little night robbery. There he recognizes Sam Shrouder, a famous faker. It seems a matter of no consequence, until Sam is killed and Lovejoy is suspected. By then, Lovejoy has been hired by movie mogul Ray Meese to advise on antiques used in an epic film. Its story: a robbery at the British Museum. It seems easy money, until another antiques dealer vanishes, and Lovejoy is battered and his cottage ruined. Lovejoy decides to leave the movie team but is seduced into obedience by the lovely Lorane. Worse, local bad man Big John Sheehan orders him to carry out another robbery - this time at the Russian Exhibition which Countess Natalia Rumiantzeff and her lovely translator have provided. Maybe worst of all, he is helped throughout by his devoted apprentice, Lydia. To protect himself from the crooks Lovejoy agrees to join the crew of film extras. On the last day of filming he arrives shakily at the British Museum only to see his one loyal ally defect. Lovejoy is alone, amid the smoke and gunfire of the very last gambado.

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