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Jonathan Gash

The Grail Tree

Collins Crime Club 1979
UK First Edition Book

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In the world of antiques the Holy Grail is a holy terror. Almost every month someone claims to possess the original - a record equalled only by the lost jewels of King John So when, during a booze-up on a barge, an inebriated ex-clergyman confided to Lovejoy that he did indeed possess the cup that had once held the Precious Blood, the irrepressible antiques dealer knew just what to make of such a statement. Or thought he did. The trouble was that someone thought this version of the Grail worth stealing, despite an elaborate security system which the reverend gentleman himself had devised. And now the reverend gentleman was dead amid considerable carnage. In the midst of selecting and training an apprentice, divulging some of the trade's shadier secrets, and coaxing his aged and eccentric motorcar into forward motion and his creditors into reverse, Lovejoy - in true Lovejoy fashion - found time to become involved. When he at last comes face to face with an unusually cold and callous murderer, the locale and choice of weapons are as unexpected as everything else about this zany and delightful tale. The third chronicle of Lovejoy's amorous and investigative exploits will delight all who have been beguiled by his previous adventures and those who now meet him for the first time,

Classic Crime Fiction

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