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Jonathan Gash

Gold from Gemini

Collins Crime Club 1978
UK First Edition Book

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Lovejoy the racy, knowledgeable, irreverent antiques dealer who delighted readers of the award-winning The Judas Pair- is back. And broke. Not 3ven a spot of baby-minding and endeavouring to instruct an assistant, whose talents (non-apparent and perhaps non-existent) were never intended for the antiques trade, was going to keep body and soul together much longer. It wouldn't even keep the budgerigars in seed. So when he learned from a and who else would Lovejoy learn from? - ot a skilled faker who had left a series of duplicate clues to an apparently mythical 'find' of Roman treasure, his unfailing instinct told him the find was genuine and he'd better unravel the clues. Biefore he could do so, he was pressed into parting with them, the pressure being of a singularly nasty kind. Daunted but determined, Lovejoy set about financing his treasure hunt by faking, and he shares uninhibitedly with the reader the secrets of do-it-yourself instant antiques. He also shares with the readsr his zany but thrilling peregrinations, dogged inescapably by his incompetent assistant, his current lady-love, and of course those who are only waiting for him to lead them to the hoard. Jonathan Gash's second novel is as delightful, informed and funny as his first. That's saying a good deal.

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