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Jonathan Gash

The Great California Game

Century 1991
UK First Edition Book

We interested in buying early Lovejoy UK firsts in fine condition
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Jonathan Gash

Lovejoy falls in love with America, even if all Manhattan can offer is a barman's job at Fredo's dingy eatery. While working as a temporary waiter at the Aquilinas' luxurious home, Lovejoy notices that a lady's priceless jewels are lowly zircons. This, together with a misunderstanding about a valuable Sheraton piece, and his rescue of Mrs Aquilina from her kidnapping, gain Lovejoy favour. He joins the Aquilinas and their extraordinary assortment of friends on their cruise-yacht Gina - where Lovejoy becomes part of an illicit antiques scam, involving extortion, the protection racket, con tricks, and general mayhem. Lovejoy embarks on a desperate trip across America to raise money from antiques roguery. His only allies are an impoverished Manhattan hooker and the murderous Zole, a streetwise 8-year-old. But if Lovejoy's fantastic antiques scams are going so well, why don't the Aquilinas care when people try to gun Lovejoy down on a Louisiana waterfront...

Classic Crime Fiction

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