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G.J. Barrett Bibliography

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G.J. Barrett Series Character: Inspector Blessingay

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Evil Ones Robert Hale 1968
He Died Twice 1968 Dust jacket by Brian Nettscher
Murder Road 1968
Guilty Be Dammed ! 1968
Danger in Diamonds Robert Hale 1968
Concerto of Death 1969
Lonely is the Grave 1969
A Hearse for McNally 1969
A Cup that Kills Robert Hale 1969
His Own Funeral 1972
The Brain of Graphicon 1973 Not in Hubin, Science Fiction
The Lost Fleet of Astranides 1974 Not in Hubin, Science Fiction
The Tomorrow Stairs Robert Hale 1974 Not in Hubin, Science Fiction
Overself 1975 Science Fiction, rest the same . . .
The Paradise Zone 1975
Slaver from the Stars 1975
City of the First Time Robert Hale 1975
The Night of the Deathship 1976
The Bodysnatchers of Lethe 1976
Timeship to Thebes 1976
Robotria Robert Hale 1977 British Library, wrongly, calls for "Robotia"
The Other Side of Red 1977
The Halls of the Evolvulus 1977
Earth Watch Robert Hale 1978 Not in Hubin, Science Fiction

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G.J. Barrett Author Biography - Information About the Author
G.J. Barrett, Geoffrey John Barrett born 1928 and died in 1999, is a HUbin listed author who also write "cowboy" books under the names; Cole Rickard and Jeff Blaine, this bibliography only includes the crime and mystery plus the science fiction novels under the name G.J. Barrett.
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