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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Man with the Twisted Face Herbert Jenkins 1931  
The Prince of Spies Rest the Same 1932  
A Traitor unmasked   1932  
The Devil's Apprentice   1933  
A Killer at Scotland Yard Herbert Jenkins 1933  
Mystery of the Red-Haired Valet   1934  
The Mysterious Mr Brent   1935  
Twisted Face, the Avenger   1935  
Exit Mr Brent Herbert Jenkins 1936  
The Man with Half a Face   1936  
The Lily-Pond Mystery   1937  
Murder in a Muffler; or. Dead Man's Farm   1937  
The Devil's Diamonds, or Beauty and the Best   1938  
Death in the A.R.P Herbert Jenkins 1939  
Jewel of Destiny   1938  
Twisted Face Strikes Again   1939  
A Dog Fight with Death   1940  
Twisted Face Defends His Title Herbert Jenkins 1940  
Mysterious Air Race   1941 Orange cloth, black letters
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Robin Hoodwinker, V.C   1944  
Satan's Satellite Herbert Jenkins 1945  
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Further Information

Gilderoy Davison was born in 1892 and his two main series characters were Twisted Face and Peter Castle. If you can furnish any more information about this author we should be very glad to hear from you.

This Information and Picture Kindly Supplied by Peter Marsden (Organist at St Peters)
We are greatly indebted

The Rev Gilderoy Davison MA was vicar of St Peter’s, Bocking in Essex for twenty years from 1934. Previously he was in Croydon and St Thomas’, Douglas IOM. He has a connection with St Catherine’s College, Cambridge but I am not sure if it was from there that he graduated. The above comes from the archives of St Peter’s and particularly the history of the church written by Dr Robert Long. This source also states that GD wrote under the pseudonyms ‘Roy Brooks’ and ‘David Gilroy’.

First Page of Mysterious Air Race
THE August moon was so young that it did not do
. more than suggest that a long grey shape lay on the water just west of the Lizard, gently rising and falling with the swell. All the same, there was such a shape. And a very formidable one it was, too!
H.M. destroyer was watching the western entrance of the English Channel, so that British citizens might sleep quietly in their beds, undismayed by threats of ' Invasion'.
The wink of light, ahead about half a mile, might have been the brief flash of phosphorescence of a fish as it leapt unaccountably from the sea in the stupid way that fishes do.
But it did not escape the look-out man on H.M. destroyer. His keen alert eye caught it at once.
"Light ahead, two points, sir," he said quietly to the officer not far away. "Moving towards us. Shall I sound——"
"No," said the officer, interrupting him. "Wait a minute."
The young sub-lieutenant, who stood by the side of the skipper, wondered at this hesitation. Had he been on duty himself, he should not have waited.
It suddenly occurred to him that his superior had a reason for this order. He might almost have been expecting to see such a signal.
As he strained his eyes over the uncertain darkness of the waters, there came again a winking light. It flashed out a series of letters; and to his intense astonishment, it spelt out the secret code word of the day, followed by the word ' Freedom'.

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