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Fredric Brown - Crime Fiction Titles - series character Ed and Am Hunter

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Fabulous Clipjoint Boardman 1949
The Dead Ringers Boardman 1950
Murder can be Fun Boardman 1951
Murder by Moonlight Boardman 1950
The Screaming Mimi Boardman 1950
Compliments of a Friend Boardman 1951
Her Comes a Candle Boardman 1951
Night of the Jabberwock Boardman 1951
Death has Many Doors Boardman 1952
The Far Cry Boardman 1952
The Deep End Boardman 1953
We all Killed Grandma Boardman 1953
Madball Muller 1962
Mostly Murder TV Boardman 1954
His Name Was Death Boardman Bloodhound 1955
The Wench is Dead Dutton US 1955
The Lenient Beast Boardman 1957
One for the Road Boardman 1959
Knock Three One Two Boardman 1959
The Late Lamented Boardman 1959
Nightmares and Geezenstacks Corgi 1962
The Murderers Boardman 1962
The Five Day Nightmare Boardman 1963
The Shaggy Dog Boardman 1964
Mrs Murphy's Underpants TV Boardman 1965

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