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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
The Corpse Wore Rubies Robert Hale 1958  
Death in the South Wind As Above 1958  
The Golden Murder As Above 1959  
Death of a Frightened Traveller As Above 1959  
Death of a Pale Man Robert Hale 1960 Black cloth, green letters, DJ 10/6
The Bamboo Girl As Above 1961  
Hide My Body As Above 1961  
Lead Me to the Gallows Robert Hale 1962  
Fly Me a Killer As Above 1962  
Finch Takes to Crime As Above 1963  
Death in the Sunlight Robert Hale 1965  

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Further Information
Frank Lester, born 1909 to 1976, was a pseudonym for Frank Hugh Usher who also wrote as Charles Franklin. His main series character was Geoffrey Slade. The books appear not to have had any American release. The majority of these books went to public libraries so nice collectable copies are not that easy to locate.


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