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The following Frank Heller bibliography contains the criminous titles
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Emperor's Old Clothes Crowell 1923 UK: 1924 Jarrolds
as The Chinese Coats
The Marriage of Yussuf Khan Crowell 1923 UK: 1924 Hutchinson
The Grand Duke's Finances Crowell 1924 UK: 1925 Jarrolds
The London Adventures of Mr. Collin Crowell 1924 UK: 1924 John Lane
as The Perilous Transactions of
Mr. Collin Is Ruined Crowell 1925  
The Thousand and Second Night Crowell 1925 UK: 1926 Williams Norgate
The Strange Adventures of Mr. Collin Crowell 1926  
Lead Me into Temptation Crowell 1927  

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Further Information
Frank Heller, born 1866 to 1947, was a pseudonym used by Martin Gunnar Serner. His main series character was Mr Colin. It seems that some 5 movies have been made from his books, apparently in all foreign language films.


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