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Frank Arthur Series Character: Inspector Spearpoint

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Frank Arthur Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Who Killed Netta Maul ? Gollancz 1940 UK papeback Penguin 1948 as
The Suva Harbour Mystery
REissued in paperback Oxford University Press 1989
Book set in Fiji
Time's a Thief Samuel French 1952 A play in one act. 27 pages; (8)
Another Mystery in Suva William Heinemann 1956 223 pages ; (8)
Dust jacket artist: Peter Rudland
Murder in the Tropic Night Herbert Jenkins 1961 174 pages; (8). Fijian backdrop to book
The Throbbing Dark Herbert Jenkins 1963 176 pages; (8)
The Abandoned Woman William Heinemann 1964 The story of Lucy Walter, 1630-1658
Not crime fiction
Confession to Murder United Writers 1973 Or, The kissers and the kissed:
A tale of tangled loyalties
St Ives, Cornwall : United Writers Publications
Not in the British Library catalogue
The Profit from Murder Hub Publications 1974 A play, not in Hubin

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Frank Arthur Author Biography - Information About the Author
Frank Arthur is a pseudonym used by Arthur Frank Ebert who was born in 1902 and died 1984 according to the British Library, he's listed in Hubin and his main series charactter is Inspector Spearpoint.
The first book is very difficult to find in first edition state, especially so in dust jacket, I don't recall ever physically seeing a copy.
The other books are obtainable though, albeit not common, especially in bookshops or at book fairs, online specialist book delaers offering the best chance.
Dust jackets are attractive, for the period at least, if not exactly classic

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