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Basil Francis

Slender Margin

Constable 1938

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Basil Francis

Mr. Francis is. an adept at supplying his suspects with admirable motives for killing his victim-
Sir Frederick Thorp was the thoroughly objectionable head of Thorp's Stores. He had a murky past, and part of this niurkiness is known to his wife's brother, who is his butler. Philip Myers, head of a rival stores, wished to gain control of Thorp's business, and because Thorp refused to sell, open war had been declared. As it happens, however, Myers had a murky past too, and this was known to Thorp, who threatened to use it against him. Lady Thorp, the bullied and neglected wife, had every reason to dislike her husband, and Maynard Thorp, the son, had been driven from home because of his expressed desire to marry, against parental approval. Marvin, Lady Thorp's pet gigolo, would undoubtedly gain largely through his patroness on Thorp's death.
So there they were, each one a pretty strong suspect. Inspector Ghent, and Detective-Sergeant Dean (who solved the murder at the Bank so successfully), clear up matters and bring the murderer to justice in a convincing and expert

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