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Francis Selwyn Series Character: Sergeant William Verity

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Cracksman on Velvet Andre Deutsch 1974 Also published by Futura in 1975 as:
Sergeant Verity and the Cracksman US edition: 1974 Stein & Day
Sergeant Verity and the Imperial Diamond Andre Deutsch 1975 Dustwrapper artwork by Jenny Thorne
US edition: 1976 Stein & Day
Sergeant Verity Presents His Compliments Andre Deutsch 1977 US edition: 1977 Stein & Day
Sergeant Verity and the Blood Royal Andre Deutsch 1979 US edition: 1979 Stein & Day
Sergeant Verity and the Swell Mob Andre Deutsch 1981 Hubin calls for 1980. British Library et al 1981
Dust jacket artwork by Jenny Thorne
US edition: Stein & Day

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Francis Selwyn Biography - Information About the Author
Francis Selwyn was born in 1935.
I believe the author also wrote a number of non-fiction titles.
Back in the "olden days" when you went to secondhand bookshops to find books these were very scarce in our experience.
The internet changes things, of course, but I still wouldn't describe all the titles as common especially in fine collectable condition.
paperbacks are available for readers, indeed they were reissued by Orion in the 2000s.
This is a very popular series amongst those hwo know it, deserving of wider recognition within the historical crime fiction genre.

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