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Series Characters: Inspector George Annesley and Detective Inspector Allport

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Dalehouse Murder Collins 1927 US: 1927 Bobbs
The Hammer of Doom Collins 1928 Black cloth, red titles, jacket 7/6
US: 1929 Bobbs
Murder at Plenders Collins 1930 Black boards, red lettering, jacket 7/6
US title: Murder through the Window
1930 Morrow
The Young Vanish Collins 1932 US: 1932 Morrow
Insoluble Collins 1934 No American edition
Murder May Pass Unpunished Collins 1936 No published in the USA

Dust Jacket Artist: M.W.

Francis Everton Biography - Sample
Francis Everton was a pseudonym of Francis William Stokes born 1883, his main series characters were Inspector George Annesley and Detective Inspector Allport

Synopsis from Murder at Plenders

THE plot of this story hinges on the theft from the National Physical Laboratory of some papers and the use made of them by George Annerley. Annerley, who has just inherited an unprofitable estate in the Mid-lands, is sent to investigate the matter. He manages to get the various suspected persons settled on his estate as tenants, and here he keeps watch over them. One of them, John Corrie, is an old friend of Annerley's, and a neurotic, unbalanced wreck of the war. His sister meets her death in mysterious circumstances and in unravelling this mystery, Annerley and Corrie's young daughter, Elizabeth, also discover the use to which the stolen papers have been put. .

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