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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Norths Meet Murder Stokes 1940 UK: 1940 Joseph. DJ 7/6
Murder Out of Turn Stokes 1941 UK: June 1941 Joseph. DJ 7/6
A Pinch of Poison Stokes 1941 UK: 1948 Joseph, Red cloth, black titles
Death on the Aisle Lippincott 1942 UK: 1948 Hutchinson
Hanged for a Sheep Ditto 1942 UK: 1944 Hutchinson. DW 8/6
Death Takes a Bow   1943 UK: 1945 Hutchinson. DW 8/6
Killing the Goose   1944 UK: 1947 Hutchinson
Payoff for the Banker   1945 UK: 1948 Hutchinson
Death of a Tall Man Ditto 1946 UK: 1949 Hutchinson
Murder Within Murder   1946 UK: 1949 Ditto
Untidy Murder   1947  
Murder is Served   1948 UK: 1950 Ditto
The Dishonest Murderer   1949 UK: 1951 Ditto
Murder in a Hurry Ditto 1950 UK: 1952 Ditto
Murder Comes First   1951  
Dead as a Dinosaur   1952 UK: 1956 Ditto
Death Has a Small Voice   1953 UK: 1954 Ditto
Curtain for a Jester Ditto 1953  
A Key to Death   1954  
Death of an angel   1955 UK: 1957 Ditto,
The Faceless Adversary   1956  
Voyage into Violence   1956 UK: 1959 Hutchinson
The Tangled Cord   1957 UK: 1959 Ditto
Catch as Catch Can Ditto 1958 UK: 1960 Long
The Long Skeleton   1958 UK: 1960 Hutchinson
The Innocent House   1959 UK: 1961 Long
Murder and Blueberry Pie Ditto 1959 UK: 1962 Long, as Call it Coincidence
Murder is Suggested   1959 UK: 1961 Hutchinson
The Golden Man   1960 UK: 1961 Ditto
The Judge is Reversed   1960 UK: 1961 Ditto
The Drill is Death   1961 UK: 1963 Ditto
Murder Has Its Points   1961 UK: 1962 Ditto
And Left for Dead Ditto 1962 UK: 1962 Ditto
Night of the Shadows   1962 UK: 1962 Long
The Ticking Clock   1962 UK: 1964 Hutchinson
Murder By the Book   1963 UK: 1964 Ditto
The Devious Ones   1964 UK: 1965 Long, as Four Hours to Fear
Quest for the Bogeyman Lippincott 1964 UK: 1965 Hutchinson

as Richard and Frances Lockridge

Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
Think of Death Lippincott 1947  
I Want to Go Home   1948  
Spin Your Web Lady   1949 UK: 1952 Hutchinson
Foggy Foggy Death   1950 UK: 1953 Ditto
A Client is Cancelled   1951 UK: 1955 Ditto
Death By Association Ditto 1952 UK: 1957 Ditto
Stand Up and Die   1953 UK: 1955 Ditto
Death and the Gentle Bull   1954 UK: 1956 Ditto
Burnt Offering   1955 UK: 1957 Ditto
Let Dead Enough Alone Ditto 1956 UK: 1958 Ditto
Practice to Deceive   1957 UK: 1959 Ditto
Accent on Murder   1958 UK: 1960 Long. These last 5 are under the name Francis Richards in the UK
Show Red for Danger   1960 UK: 1961 ditto
With One Stone   1961 UK: 1953 Ditto, as No Dignity in Death
First Come First Kill   1962 UK: 1963 Long
The Distant Clue as above 1963 UK: 1964 Ditto

as Richard Lockridge

Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
Death in the Mind Dutton 1945 with GH Estabrooks
A Matter of Taste Lippincott 1949 UK: 1951 Hutchinson
Murder Can't Wait   1964 UK: 1965 Long
Squire of Death   1965 UK: 1966 Ditto
Murder Roundabout   1966 UK: 1967 Ditto
Murder for Art's Sake   1967 UK: 1968 Ditto
With Option to Die   1967 UK: 1968 Ditto
Murder in False Face   1968 UK: 1969 Hutchison
A Plate of Red Herrings   1968 UK: 1969 Long
Die laughing   1969 UK: 1970 Ditto
A Risky Way to Kill Ditto 1969 UK: 1970 Ditto
Troubled Journey   1970 UK: 1971 Hutchinson
Twice Retired   1970 UK: 1971 Long
Inspector's Holiday   1971 UK: 1972 Ditto
Preach No More   1971 UK: 1972 Ditto
Death in a Sunny Place   1972 UK: 1973 Ditto
Something Up a Sleeve Ditto 1972 UK: 1973 Ditto
Write Murder Down   1972 UK: 1974 Ditto
Not I Said the Sparrow   1973 UK: 1974 Ditto
Death on the Hour   1974 UK: 1975 Ditto
Or Was He Pushed ?   1975 UK: 1976 Ditto
Dead Run   1976 UK: 1977 Ditto
A Streak of Light   1976 UK: 1978 Ditto
The Tenth Life as above 1977 UK: 1979 Ditto
The old Die Young Harper 1980 UK: 1981 Hale


Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
How to Adopt a Child   1928  
Darling of Misfortune Century 1932  
Mr and Mrs North Stokes 1936 UK: 1937 Michael Joseph. DJ 7/6
Cats and People Lippincott 1950  
The Proud Cat Ditto 1951  
The Lucky Cat Ditto 1953  
The Nameless Cat Ditto 1954  
The Cat Who Rode Cows Ditto 1955  
The Empty Day Lippincott 1965  
Encounter in Key West Ditto 1966  
One Lady Two Cats Ditto 1967  

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Further Information
Frances and Richard Lockridge,  born 1896 and 1898 respectively were a husband and wife tour-de-force, very prolific, as is obvious. The bibliography is a little complex in terms of attributed names. After Frances' death in 1963 Richard continued to write under just his own name. There are numerous series characters but, most notably, the Norths stand out. American edition precede the English 1st editions in all cases. There were a few title changes for American paperbacks that were issued some time after the firsts.


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