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Hulbert Footner

Orchids to Murder

Collins Crime Club 1945
Jacket Artist: Lee-Elliott

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LEE MAPPIN, the suave, bespectacled private detective, was awakened much too early from a morning-after sleep by a visit from a disgruntled and angry Major Dunphy whose grand-daughter, Mary Stannard, had disappeared an hour before her wedding was scheduled to take place. As Lee takes over, the plot thickens. Three equally implicated suspects appear out of a confusion of evidence and subtle investigations. A myriad of clues—among them two scraps of charred paper, a spray of orchids and an expensive red coupe wrapped around a tree— pile up before Lee Mapping can reach his ingenious and surprising solution. This mystery has all the qualities of a first-rate detective thriller and proves to be an expert and exciting product of Hulbert Footner's skill.

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