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Flora Fletcher Bibliography

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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Flora Fletcher Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
As I Lay Dying Flying Eagle 1953 In Manhunt Magazine Feb 1953
Ghoul to Go ! Atlas Publishing 1953 In Black Mask Magazine
Black Mask Magazine Nov 1953 Atlas Publishing 1953 Short story
I Die Laughing Literary Enterprises 1954 In The Exciting Magazine Feb 1954
Points South Flying Eagle 1954 In Manhunt Magazine June 1954
Meet Me in a Narrow Street St John 1954 In Menace Magazine Nov 1954
Strange Sisters Lion Books 1954 Cover artist Robert Maguire
"She Dared Enter a Lesbian World!"
Desperate Asylum Lion Library 1955 Cover art by Clark Hulings
Also published by Pyramid Books, 1959 as
Whisper of Love
Verdict Detective Monthly July 1955 Atlas Publishing 1955 Short story
The Hot-Shot Avon 1956
The Brass Bed Lion 1956 UK: L. Miller & Co [1959]
Banner Books. no. 86 157 pages (8)
Reissued Pyramid 1960, Cover art by Robert Maguire
Whispers of the Flesh Signet 1958
Let Me Kill You, Sweetheart Avon 1958
Park Avenue Tramp Gold Medal 1958 UK: Frederick Muller 1959
Book set in New york City
"She was lovely, she was rich, she was a pickup!"
Detective Tales Nov 1958 Atlas Publishing 1958 Short story
Leave Her To Hell Avon 1959 "She went too far, too often!"
Lysistrata - Fletcher Flora Zenith Books 1959 Cover artwork by Rudy Nappi
"A riotous tale of the sex war!"
Take Me Home Monarch 1959 Specialist catalogued as a "Lesbian novel"
Wake Up With a Stranger Signet 1959
Killing Cousins Macmillan 1960 UK: Jonathan Cape 1961
Dust jacket by Pat Marriott
Winner of the Cock Robin Mystery Award
She Asked for it Flying Eagle 1954 In Manhunt Magazine Aug 1960
Most Likely To Love Monarch 1960 "Rogue male in a passion-tormented household"
The Seducer Monarch 1961 Cover artist Rafael DeSoto
The Irrepressible Peccadillo Macmillan 1962 UK: T.V. Boardman & Co 1963
Dust jacket artist D. McLoughlin
Obituary Leo Margulies 1966 In Man from U.N.C.L.E. magazine Mar 1966
Skuldoggery Belmont 1967 A paperback original
Cousin Kelly Dell 1979 Alfred Hitchcock's mystery magazine

Artist: Unknown

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Flora Fletcher Author Biography - Information About the Author
Flora Fletcher, born 1914 and died 1968, is a Hubin listed crime and mystery author.
There's a variety on offer here, crime and mystery books, hard-boiled, lurid "romance" etc.
American editions precede in all cases, British editions noted as and when held by the British Library.
Flora Fletcher also co-wrote three books under the Ellery Queen name and one with Stuart Palmer, Hildegarde Withers Makes the Scene

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