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Joan Fleming

You Can't Believe Your Eyes

Collins Crime Club 1957
Jacket design William Randell

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Joan Fleming     William Randell

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I leaped up helpfully to change it and received a black look from Halvorsen. The record was not quite finished; I idly turned over the pages of the record-book, looking for another slow waltz. After a minute, I took off the needle. I simply do not know what Halvorsen and Annabel were doing, behind my back. But I guess they were just standing there, Annabel preoccupied and Halvorsen looking down on her adoringly. There was a loud and rather horrible cry. I turned round, thoroughly startled, to see Richard apparently acting the part of some tragic actor. He was standing up, clutching his throat, then he turned away from the table and took three or four staggering steps forward and crashed to the ground,

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