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Mary Fitt

The Late Uncle Max

Macdonald 1957
Dustwrapper artwork by Lo ?

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Mary Fitt    

A sunny day on the island of Acanthos in the Eastern Mediterranean. Far away from his fellow archaeologists. Tim's Uncle Max took his siesta in a trench on the site where he was directing excavations. Hat over eyes he lay, until he was found. For in the interval between sleeping and not waking, someone had turned him into the late Uncle Max. The whole learned world was shocked by his murder. An archaeologist, however good or badóand Professor Max Mellin was as bad as he was keenó isn't an archaeologist all of the time. Thus there were at least two possible sets of motives for removing him. Who did kill Uncle Max? And why? These are interesting questions, which at the time were not easily answered. But a still more interesting one remainsójust how was the truth discovered? Mary Fitt unfolds this story of hatred and dedication, of scholars pleasant and unpleasant, with consummate skill.

Classic Crime Fiction

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