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Mary Fitt

Requiem for Robert

Michael Joseph 1944
Dustwrapper artwork by AE Barlow

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Mary Fitt    

If she were to rewrite the dullest adventure of Sexton Blake I would read and re-read. You relax on the assured beauty of her style as on a bed of down. The reading of such exquisite writing is sheer luxury.'' Such luxury is fortunately still available and un-rationed, and in this, her latest novel, Miss Fitt has attained to a perfection that might well be the envy of a major novelist. Requiem for Robert is an exquisite performance ; unhurried, instinct with character and wit and fine writing. The story retraces over the years andjthe generations of his family, the slow sequence of events that led to the death of Robert, and to the insertion in the local paper of the three separate notices of his Requiem that aroused firstly to benevolent interest and later to intense activity, Inspector Mallett and his companion of old Dr. Fitzbrown.

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