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Mary Fitt

Case for the Defence

Macdonald 1958
Dustwrapper artwork by Stein

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Mary Fitt     Stein

Case For The Defence ranks among Mary FItt's most original and fascinating books. We know from the first page that a terrible crime I has been committed—four substantial and respected citizens of an English provincial town murdered after tea one Sunday afternoon, and by the one nearest to them. But once this fact has been established, it is through the lives of the Crane family over a period of years that we must seek the answer to such intriguing if be-devilling questions as: Who will be the victims? Who will be their murderer? And what could possibly excuse or explain such an act? This may truly be called a mystery story with a difference, presenting a subtle problem in pyschological detection within the framework of an absorbing novel of character and incident which has for its underlying motif the saying that to understand all is to forgive all.

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