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Elizabeth Ferrars

Murder in Time

Collins Crime Club 1953

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NOTHING could sound more innocently gay or fantastically extravagant; it all depends on the point of view —than a flight on a specially chartered plane for a week-end in Nice. But most of the nine people whom Mark Auty invited suspected some sinister intention. Why, then, did they accept ? For accept they did, coming from such far-removed places as a pub on the edge of Dartmoor, a Bloomsbury hotel, a quiet Oxfordshire village, a Soho night-club, to gather for the journey in Mark's Surrey home. Why Mark really asked them and why they accepted are questions that are only answered in full after murder has intervened. Murder in Time has that touch of the bizarre which characterises all Miss Ferrars' work and which gives it a special appeal for the more discerning reader. This is one of her most successful and intriguing stories.

Elizabeth Ferrars

Classic Crime Fiction

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