Elizabeth Ferrars

Don't Monkey with Murder

Hodder and Stoughton 1942
Wrapper artist Unknown

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Elizabeth Ferrars Don't Monkey with Murder
Published 1st issue dust jacket

The original proof cover from the Hodder archive

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1 ADMIT IT—I made a great many mistakes in that affair at East Leat. But about one thing I was right, or, rather, about one person.
I was absolutely right about Rosa Miall.
I saw her only once, I never exchanged a single word with her, but I was right that it was Rosa Miall who dominated the whole unpleasant business from beginning to end. That it was in the pattern of her curious mind, in the dire efficiency of her conscience, in the strength and definiteness of her personality that the solutions of most of the questions we had to ask ourselves were to be found, was something that stared at me out of the tangle of evidence as uncompromisingly as she herself might have done. It was because Rosa Miall existed, and that she was what she was, and that she affected other people as she did, that bloody murder ever came to East Leat—at any rate, that particular bloody murder.

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