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Elizabeth Ferrars

Milk of Human Kindness

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THERE: is a peculiar insistence about the ringing of a door bell that few people can resist. Say to yourself that it is only that crashing bore from the next flat, nevertheless some inner compulsion in the end will bring your unwilling feet to the door. So it was with Marabelle that September Sunday morning. It might be Peter Frere, and he could help her with the redecorating she was trying to do while John was in Holland. But it was her sister, the beautiful, immaculate, and entirely self-centred Susan, who had come to command a favour. Marabelle thought afterwards if only she had not gone to the door that morning it would have saved a great deal of trouble and disturbance—and perhaps might have saved a life. Ingenious, intriguing, and utterly absorbing in its revelation of human weaknesses and passions, Milk of Human Kindness is a first-grade crime story.

Elizabeth Ferrars

Classic Crime Fiction

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