Elizabeth Ferrars

Death in Botanist's Bay

Hodder and Stoughton 1941
Wrapper artist J Morton Sale

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The original proof cover from the Hodder archive

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WHEN the voice she wanted answered, Joanna Frees said into the telephone : " Oh, is that you, Gerald ? I'm so sorry to disturb you when you're probably working, but father hasn't come in yet. What d'you think I ought to do about it ? " Gerald Hyland's slightly grating, elderly voice replied : " Not come in yet ? Edgar not come in yet ? Edgar late for his dinner ? Goodness me ! " " No, Gerald," she said, " it isn't a joke. At least I think it isn't. I'm worried. I rang up the Haybox an hour ago, to find out if he was working late or something, and they said he'd left at the usual time." " But what about Miss Winnpole then ? Hasn't she come back either ? She always drives the car for him, doesn't she ? " " Not to-day. She didn't go to work this morning. She'd a headache, she said. She's been in her room all day." " Hum I Then Edgar was driving the car himself. Perhaps after all you've got something to worry about, and perhaps I'd better come round so that we can put our joint brains to the problem. If only it weren't raining quite so hard, and if only these damned camels

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